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SJC Appeal:
     Docketed: 02 Sep 2010
    [Appellant Entwistle Brief]
    [Appellee_Commonwealth Brief]
     Oral Arguments: 06 Apr 2012
     [Video of oral arguments] from Suffolk University
     Judgments affirmed: 14 Aug 2012, [Decision]

[Trial Audio] Including openings, closings, testimony, and the phone tapes

- Text of CourtTV's Closed Captioning
Day 1 Friday, June 6. [BLOOM] [FLOYD] [BANFIELD&FORD]
Day 2 Monday, June 9. [BLOOM] [FLOYD] [BANFIELD&FORD]
Day 3 Tuesday, June 10. [BLOOM] [FLOYD] [BANFIELD&FORD]
Day 4 Wednesday, June 11. [BLOOM] [FLOYD] [BANFIELD&FORD]
Day 5 Thursday, June 12. [BLOOM] [FLOYD] [BANFIELD&FORD]
Day 6 Friday, June 13. [BLOOM] [FLOYD] [BANFIELD&FORD]
Day 7 Monday, June 16. [BLOOM] [FLOYD] [BANFIELD&FORD]
Day 8 Tuesday, June 17. [BLOOM] [FLOYD] [BANFIELD&FORD]
Day 9 Wednesday, June 18. [BLOOM] [FLOYD] [BANFIELD&FORD]
Day 10 Thursday, June 19. [BLOOM] [FLOYD] [BANFIELD&FORD]
Day 11 Friday, June 20. [BLOOM] [FLOYD] [BANFIELD&FORD]
Day 12 Monday, June 23. [BLOOM] [FLOYD] [BANFIELD&FORD]
Sentencing Thursday, June 26. [BLOOM] [FLOYD]* [BANFIELD&FORD]
      * The June 26 segment of Floyd contains interviews with Weinstein and Page.


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- Background reading:
       [Summary of the FBI Laboratory’s Gunshot Residue Symposium]

       Handbook of Forensic Pathology DiMaio & Dana; Postmortem bruising is discussed on p 102.
       Gunshot Wounds DiMaio.

- [Miscellaneous evidence photos and exhibits]

- [Floor Plans] for 6 Cubs Path

- The Juror Questionnaire, including potential witness list from Metrowest Daily News, 02 Jun 2008

- Motion to admit bad acts from, 28 May 2008

- Motion to admit flight from, 28 May 2008

- Affidavit concerning statements made during return from, 09 May 2008

- Various motions from Metrowest Daily News, May 2008
      Defense's court motions
      Prosecution's motions, Part 1
      Prosecution's motions, Part 2
      Defense's motion to dismiss, Part 1
      Defense's motion to dismiss, Part 2

- In re Flaherty, SJC-10283 (Mass. 11/7/2008), 7 Nov 2008

- Memorandum of Decision and Order on Defendant's Motion to Suppress Evidence, 30 Aug 2007

- Commonwealth's Preliminary Memorandum of Law in Opposition to Defendant's Motion to Suppress Evidence 17 Apr 2007
   - image of Commonwealth's Preliminary Memorandum of Law in Opposition to Defendant's Motion to Suppress Evidence 17 Apr 2007 from Metrowest Daily News

- Motion to Suppress Evidence 26 Mar 2007
   - image of Motion to Suppress Evidence 26Mar2007 from Metrowest Daily News

- Photos of 6 Cub's Path interior, exterior

- A page from 'a state police crime lab report' March 28, 2006

- Transcript from October 5, 2006 Hearing on motions for exhaustive testing, buccal swabbing, dismissal of indictment, and opposition to buccal swabbing.
- "Defendant's Motion to Dismiss Indictment and Opposition to Commonwealth's Motion for Taking Buccal Swabbing"  05Oct2006
     -Image of motion from CourtTV

- Transcript of "Statement of The Case"  11Apr2006

- Statements from Rachel's family.

- Statements from Neil's family.

- Statements from the Defense.

-Video of Superior Court Arraignment 11Apr2006 from WHDH-TV Channel 7

-Video of District Court Arraignment 16Feb2006 from CBS4 Boston

- Transcript of  Affidavit of Trooper Michael Banks

- Video of press conference announcing the murder. from

- Interactive Maps
        -Eastern Massachusetts showing Hopkinton, Carver and Logan.
        -Hopkinton Area showing Wal-Mart and Staples. 
        -England Map showing Worksop, York, and Droitwich.      

- Transcript of Middlesex District Attorney’s Press Conference on the Arrest of Neil Entwistle 
             - Video of  the press conference  from WHDH-TV Channel 7

Affidavit in Support of Application for Criminal Complaint Sgt. Joseph Bennett (text)

- Image of the Criminal Complaint

- Talk Show Transcripts with Martha Coakley after the arrest

- Middlesex County District Attorney Press Releases

- Match Point - the Movie

- Other

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